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Kitchen Confidence

You're taking your first step to finding confidence in the kitchen!

With Kitchen Confidence you will be able to...

  • Effortlessly prepare vegetables, grains, plant protein, and animal protein WITHOUT a recipe, and with minimal prep time. 

  • Easily choose foods that pair well together (and avoid the ones that don’t!). You’ll even get access to my extensive Ingredients Pairing Cheat Sheet that you can reference whenever you need!

  • Never make a bland, boring dinner again! You’ll learn how to balance flavors (it’s much simpler than you think), and I’ve even developed a complete go-to Seasonings Guide! This guide will show you how to pair certain seasonings (and avoid pairing others), and will even help you determine HOW MUCH of that particular seasoning you’ll need!

  • Choose which cooking fats are best for your dish. “Can I use extra virgin olive oil to pan fry steak? What about clarified butter on the stove, or avocado oil dressing on my salad? What is a smoke point??” It’s all here!

  • Prepare healthy, delicious meals for yourself and loved ones by learning how to build a balanced meal. Kitchen Confidence includes meal composition guides, as well as a portions reference to help you assemble the perfect plate for YOUR needs!

What People Are Saying:

I loved how put together the course is and that we have the resources for life. I know I will have to go back and check something until I get better. When I want to try things I've never eaten before I will look again.

Amanda M.

My family has certainly expressed their delight in the way my cooking has been kicked up a level or two since taking the course. I recommend this course to any home cook really, and it could be especially helpful to newer cooks, college students, or even those getting ready to embark on a new nutrition lifestyle.

Kim N.

Daily cooking became a frustrating and exhausting chore, and that is why I decided to register for the course. I very much enjoyed the review of some basic techniques, but most of all, the homework helped me choose seasonings, I can adjust cooking times, and most of all I can use the ingredients I had on hand. My kitchen has become a playground where I experiment and enjoy my food!

Nevena Z.