Learn to trust yourself in the kitchen!

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Hi, I'm Alyssia, and I'm going to help you find your confidence in the kitchen.

I'm a food YouTuber and the founder of Mind Over Munch, a healthy eating and lifestyle community where, every day, I help others find the fun in cooking simple, delicious, and clean food! 
I wasn't always Kitchen Confident. In fact, I used to think I needed to follow recipes to a T in order to cook my own food.
Thankfully, that just isn't true, and I'm going to show you how
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We rely too heavily on "experts"

We think they have something we don’t. 

Because of this, I’ve seen dollar after dollar wasted on paid meal plans, expensive meal delivery, and fad and elimination dieting. Believe me, I've tried these things too.

So many experts offer appealing “set it and forget it” solutions or plans that promise us “if you just follow this exactly, you can be healthy”

I don't believe in this approach.

There is no one-size-fits-all plan!

"I believe there is power in taking responsibility for the foods we eat. 

There is power in the independence and freedom that comes with being Kitchen Confident."

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Kitchen Confidence is a 
six-week online program

I developed this program so you can go at your own pace, and to help you learn to trust yourself in the kitchen. You'll have all the tools and skills you need to make cooking for yourself delicious, healthy, affordable, and best of all, simple.

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Is Kitchen Confidence right for me?

If you...

  • Are ready to experience the freedom and independence that comes with being able to cook for yourself.
  • Want to be able to easily cook simple, healthy food for yourself and your loved ones.
  • Know that ordering in or eating out 5+ times per week isn’t healthy, affordable or sustainable.
  • Are ready to let me help you do the work to make serious, lasting change.

Then Kitchen Confidence is for you!

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My two-step approach
to Kitchen Confidence

Step 1: Learn the basics.

You have to have a few fundamental pieces of cooking knowledge and tools that anyone can learn, you don't have to be an expert. 

If we have to rely on recipes to get in the kitchen and cook something, that just means we're lacking the basics. To improvise without a recipe, you need these basic fundamental pieces of knowledge, and just a few tools, to find your Kitchen Confidence.

Then, once you have those...

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Step 2: Practice!

You’ll have homework each week to force you to get in the kitchen and experiment, and even mess up! I am intentionally going to have you mess up in this course to see that at the end of the day, it’s okay!

Then we’ll circle back to recipes at the end, because I want you to learn how to let them SERVE you, instead of hold you back. I want you to be able to IMPROVISE in the kitchen, so you can make do with what you have, instead of stressing about what you don’t.

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When you join Kitchen Confidence, you also get lifetime access to the Resource Cabinet. 

This contains over 50 videos showing base recipes that you can revisit whenever you need. How do I cook this chicken breast? Resource cabinet. What about this quinoa or those eggs? Resource cabinet!

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An in-depth look at the program.

Scroll to see the full Kitchen Confidence curriculum.

Kitchen Confidence Curriculum

Complete Confidence


I designed this program to help you save money and time, because I know what it’s like to not have very much of either. 

That’s why it’s also important to me that if, within 30 days, you don’t feel like the program has helped you take steps toward your Kitchen Confidence, just send me an email letting me know why, and I’ll refund you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Hear what others have to say about Kitchen Confidence.

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"I am one of those “follow the recipe” type of cooks so this was a great way for me to step out of comfort zone and try a new way of cooking. I also liked the Resource Cabinet sections where I can watch videos on how to prepare/cook specific foods!"

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"Knowing that I have the ability (and strong encouragement) to email my instructor if I need to is very comforting… I never feel like a bother, and I appreciate knowing I have her support!"

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"Daily cooking became a frustrating and exhausting chore, and that is why I decided to register for the course. I very much enjoyed the review of some basic techniques, the homework helped me choose seasonings, adjust cooking times, and use the ingredients I had on hand. My kitchen has become a playground where I experiment and enjoy my food!"

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"My family has certainly expressed their delight in the way my cooking has been kicked up a level since taking the course. I recommend this course to any home cook really, and it could be especially helpful to newer cooks, college students, or even those getting ready to embark on a new nutrition lifestyle."

Kitchen Confidence


You'll learn to...

  • Effortlessly prepare vegetables, grains, plant protein, and animal protein WITHOUT a recipe.
  • Easily choose foods that pair well together (and avoid the ones that don’t!). 
  • Never make a bland, boring dinner again! Learn to balance flavors with the go-to Seasonings Guide!
  • Choose which cooking fats are best for your dish. 
  • Prepare healthy, delicious meals for yourself and loved ones by learning how to build a balanced meal!
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Take the first step towards your Kitchen Confidence. 

Join the program and find your freedom in the kitchen!

Take the first step towards your Kitchen Confidence. 

Join the program and find your freedom in the kitchen!

Enroll now for $197